Troup County Tigers Back to Work, Navigating Coronavirus Protocols


Sports are making their return and most of our area’s high school teams are allowed to weight train and condition again.

The Troup County Tigers football team is back together for the first time in months.

“Trying to social distance the best we can,” says Troup County head coach, Tanner Glisson. “They are wanting to hug everybody and dap everybody up, which is great. We’re excited to see them too and we’re trying to be real safe with how we do things.”

As teams return to work, there are loads of new precautions they have to take. When athletes arrive on campus this year, it’s not a simple check in and start training.

“When the guys come in, they’ll take a temperature check when they come in the door. Then they will have to answer a [coronavirus] questionnaire. There’s waivers for the cornoavirus and then they’ll work there way down to where we start conditioning,” said Glisson.

Since there is only allowed to be groups of 20 working out at the same time, training for Troup goes from 7am – 4:30pm. One group of 20 after the next all day long.

“They are here about 90 to 80 minutes, That gives us time to do a deep clean and do some spraying of the weight room. Then the next group will come in so we don’t cross contaminate.”

On the field, Troup is coming off of a 6-5 season.

For the past several years they’ve had Kobe Hudson under center at quarterback. He’s now playing for the Auburn Tigers after being one of the highest rated prospects in the area.

Troup has four players fighting for the starting QB spot as they enter the 2020 season.

“It will be a lengthy process. It will go through the whole summer maybe even into August,” said Glisson. “Usually with your quarterback situations, the locker room tells you who the quarterback should be. Of course, We haven’t been around each other. Everybody’s going to have to get to know each other and see if we can speed that process up a little bit.”

The Troup County Tigers have some schedule changes this year. They are in the same region as seven of the eight Muscogee County schools.


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