Targeting Stress Relief with Axe Throwing



Businesses have been allowed to start opening up now that COVID-19 cases are taking a downward trend. Many people have built up strength and anxiety while quarantining, but now there’s a way to help release the tension in downtown Columbus. Throw some axes.

“Tired of being in the house, and they’re just stressed about a lot,” said Columbus Axe co-owner John Dobbs. “My thing is, you can come out here get you an axe and a target and let it all out.”

Columbus Axe opened up it’s doors in late May. Families, gold medalist target shooters and ladies on a girls night out have decided to show off their skills, but opening up for the small business wasn’t easy during COVID-19.

“It’s been rough. It’s been a tough one. When we finally opened we come up and have ten stations, but right now since COVID we can only open up five. We have our GermX. We Lysol everything down after every use.”

Once everything was sanitized, co-owner John Dobbs showed the proper technique of throwing an axe.

“I’ll watch you throw a few times, and then once I figure out what you need to do you might need to step forward or step back. If the axe spins more than one time mainly you just have to scoot forward to stop that. Grab the axe from the bottom of the handle, step and throw.”

Then it’s time to throw. It’s important for all of us to find a positive way to target our stress.

“Throwing an axe and then hitting the bullseye is what I would say is the most intriguing thing.”

Columbus Axe is temporarily located on 1200 Broadway in downtown Columbus. They’ll move during the winter a few blocks over. Their hours of operation are Thursday (5-10 p.m.), Friday (5-11 p.m.) and Saturday (12-11 p.m.) or by reservation.

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