Smokers Contracting Covid get Sicker

New Study on Surviving the Coronavirus
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Controversial study on nicotine patches and smokers who contract the coronavirus.


Health experts are sounding the alarm about covid-19 and smoking.

They say the habit can make you much sicker if you contract the virus , doubling your chances of severe complications.

Scientists at U-C San Francisco found it nearly doubles the rate of disease progression.

And they say smokers were at a greater risk of severe outcomes and death.

The American Medical Association is calling for action to reduce smoking and vaping.

Dr Patrice Harris, President of the American Medical Association says , “You weren’t safe smoking and vaping pre covid-19 and those risks continue during this pandemic.”

She says underlying conditions caused , in part, by smoking , including heart and lung disease and diabetes weaken the body’s

response to covid-19 and may be one factor in the virus’ disproportionate impact on African American, Naive American and Latino communities.

“COVID 19 can be an especially serious threat to those who already have compromised lung function,” said Harris.

More reasons , she says, to quit for good.

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