May I Take Your Temperature?

Temperature Screening Could be the New Normal
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Kiosks at Work Take Temperatures

Temperature screening could soon be a requirement to visit public places.

The city of Dallas is buying 100 infrared  thermometer kiosks.

One of the kiosks is at the entrance of Suntronic, the company that builds the devices.

“So practicing this every morning, having their temperatures checked has not been a problem, in fact it has been almost a second nature for us by now,” said David Ly of Suntronic.

It helps insure employees who sometimes work in close quarters are not contagious with fevers.

A camera helps you line up with the temperature check.

Rick Heller, of the Wello Company, that sells the kiosks, said  “As soon as you line up with it, it’s sensor takes a temperature on your forehead, to the campus right about there where your glasses hang. and that is the place where you are warmest.”

It prints a sticker to show you have been scanned.

They could be recreation centers, at city libraries and at Dallas Love Field.

“Not necessarily for passengers, as we’re aware, but working back areas where people are handling things,” said Heller.

Its a step toward making people feel more comfortable in the wake of a pandemic.

The devices the is buying will only print stickers and won’t save photos or personal information.

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