Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day


When observing Memorial Day Weekend it is not your normal holiday. It’s a time to remember and honor all of the fallen United State Armed Forces who fought for our country.

“The amount of names that are on the walls are just breathtaking to see how many people put their lives on the line, so that we can have the freedoms that we have today,” said Sergeant First Class Miguel Soto.

Fallen soldiers from the Vietnam War to the Global War on Terrorism after 9-11, just a few of the monuments outside of the National Infantry Museum. On Memorial Day, families and friends brought flowers and paid their respects to honor the fallen comrades.

“2004 I was with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines and we were fighting in Ramadi,” said Army Captain Dane Eunson. “Timothy Folmar and Jason T. Poindexter, we went through school of infantry together, boot camp and we deployed together to Iraq.”

“I had one of my really good buddies who was in my, the OAF 10 deployment with the 173D,” said Soto. “His name is Matthew Hennigan, and I think every year just because I was there with him on that patrol when it actually happened, so it just kind of hits a little bit closer to home for us.”

Eunson brought his entire family to the memorial. Every year they visit a new site,  and he hopes his children will understand what it means to fight for America.

“People gave the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life and for each other, so that’s mainly what I want them to remember,” said Eunson.

None of these soldiers will ever be forgotten.

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