Local Election Showdown On Democratic Ballot

Candidates Get Creative On Campaign Trail During Pandemic

Two of the most important races in Muscogee County are partisan races and voters have to choose Democratic, Republican or Nonpartisan ballots during the primary election June 9th.

Nat “Good morning, thank you.”

As the polls opened for early voting in Columbus, the battle lines were clearly drawn in the only local contested races on the ballot as candidates lined the Macon Road entrance to the polls. “I think so. I think that you know people get to decide, ” Sheriff Donna Tompkins told First News.

Reporter: How do you feel about your chances? “I feel good, I feel good about it,” Greg Countryman said. Countryman is leaving his post as the Muscogee County Marshal to run for Sheriff.

The vast majority of contenders on the Republican ticket are safe until November, many of them unchallenged but the real showdown is on the Democratic ballot where Marshal Countryman will square off against Incumbent Donna Tompkins, and former deputy Pam Brown. Voters looking for these candidates must choose a Democratic ballot.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and were a little confused they thought every name was on every ballot and that’s just not the case,” Sheriff Tompkins said. “I’ve had Republican to call me and ask am I running on the Republican or Democratic ballot and I tell them Democratic ballot so they know which one to pull, ” Countryman said. The winner of that contest will face Republican challenger Mark Lajoye in the fall.

Nat  “Freedom and legalize weed…”

In the wake of COVID-19 the candidates have had to get real creative. Mark Jones,featured in his own rap video is challenging Julia Slater for District Attorney. The race which is also on the Democratic ballot will be decided in June because there is no Republican opposition. “It’s been a very different campaign season because we don’t have the opportunities to go to festivals and you know places where we would normally get to meet a lot of people and forums and meet and greets. None of those can happen in person and so it’s been very different not to be able to have that real contact , close contact with the voters but we’re adapting and trying to make sure we can reach out and tell the voters what they need to know in other ways,” Julia Slater told First News.

There is a 24 hour drop box monitored by surveillance cameras outside the City Services Center for anyone who requests a ballot and doesn’t want to wait in line or risk potential exposure to the Coronavirus.   Voters can cast an early ballot up until June 5th here in Muscogee County.  Election day is June 9th.


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