More People Deciding They Want a Family Pet
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Families self quarantining are adopting dogs.



Puppy fever is spreading across the country.

More people decided they wanted pets in recent weeks while hunkering down due to the covid-19 outbreak.

Now, there’s a national shortage of dogs, and some new parents are finding they might be in over their heads.

Doodle breeder Jenna Stone says she’s had a 400% increase in calls and web traffic since February.

In a recent television interview she said,
“I think people are getting a little bit desperate and they just want any dog.”

And for many, that means a need for a dog trainer.

Dannielle Kharman, of Charlotte said about her business as the Dog Wizard,
“It’s been kind of an onslaught of puppy inquiries.”

Her clients are seeking help now because new pets have gotten used to being inside with 24 hour supervision and attention.

“That’s a really big issue because the puppies right now are becoming overdependent,” said Kharman.

Trainers are seeking a sharp increase in dogs with separation anxiety , leading to destructive behaviour.

And according to Kharman,

“Those are dogs that can’t cope with being alone. And so will destroy things.”

Trainers say its important to start a structured schedule for your pup including time away from family members or getting used to a crate.

Trainers say its important pet owners take advantage of virtual training programs like puppy preschool.

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