Maple Ridge Says Thank You with a Slice for Columbus Public Safety Workers


The Columbus Department of Public Safety is just one of the groups battling COVID-19 on the frontline, and one local community decided to surprise them with a cheesy treat. Residents of the Maple Ridge Community planned a special delivery to say thank you to the 9-1-1 operators, police officers and other employees.

“It is a wonderful expression of how much they care for us, and we care for the city and want to serve and protect,” said Corporal Paul Moody. “Thank you very much for this gesture.”

COVID-19 has forced all frontline workers, including the police force, to get creative doing normal daily tasks that also comply with social distancing and health guidelines.

“Currently we’re scanning to make sure nobody has a temperature. We’re wearing our face masks when we go outside, gloves, washing our hands constantly,” said Corporal Angela Florence. “Just taking the precautions to make sure everyone is safe.”

The Maple Ridge Community ordered 50 Little Caesars Pizzas for the dedicated staff.

“Officers are out on the street, and sometimes we’re rushing and trying to eat,” said Corporal Florence. “Just to know that we already have something there prepared ready for you means a lot.”

Think of our Columbus community like a pizza, where the Department of Public Safety is one slice that is working hard to keep our residents safe.

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