Dry And Warm Weather For Your Wednesday



The warming trend is definitely on now. For the first time in awhile high temperatures will reach into the 80s today (83 is normal).  The low temperatures will also only drop into to the lower 60s for lows tonight (61 is normal). Overall, our weather pattern will continue to be quiet with the most active branches of the jet stream remaining either north or south of the Southeastern US. This setup puts us in a strong ridge pattern that will dominate our weather with highs warming into the 90s for the weekend. Tropical activity could also start to become a little more active with the possible development of a tropical depression/or hybrid system forming; if the system can gain winds of at least 39MPH the name will be  Arthur. We expect this system to stay out over the open Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, no significant chances of any meaningful rainfall is in the near future.

-Meteorologist Desmond Seketrius

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