Lake Harding Graduation Ceremony


Graduating on a lake with families and friends watching from boats is not your typical graduation ceremony.

All across the united states seniors haven’t been able to walk across stage to pick up their diplomas.

On Saturday, 27 area seniors were suited up in their cap and gowns and heard their names called over the loud speaker. 

“It’s actually really fun, especially for all the people that live around here to get out and be celebrated,” said Harris County graduate, Carson Payne.

“It’s really awesome that we got to come together and have a great day. I’m so thankful for everybody that put it together,” says Harris County graduate, Jillian Munoz.

This all started with the thought that a small group of seniors could be celebrated on the lake, but it grew into something much bigger than that.

“Here at the condos we have three graduates that live here,” said organizer of the Lake Harding graduation, Brette Johnson. “So we started talking about doing something for them, but then I had other friends up here who had seniors as well so let’s invite them too. It grew into what we had here today.”

A significant moment in life at a place they call home.

“That’s the Lake Harding community,” says Johnson. “Everybody comes out and supports one another. Anytime you do something like this the community up here really makes it easy.”

“Being out here on the lake is better than any kind of gym. Just having fun, listening to music, popping confetti. It was really fun,” said Payne.

“The lake community is just like a big family,” added Munoz. “Everybody loves each other and the lake is something that connects us all.”

After the caps went flying and the confetti was popped, everybody had their own way of celebrating. A hug with family, pictures with friends, or a jump into the lake on a chilly Saturday morning.

“This morning when we were lining up we were like ‘somebody has got to go in the lake, it’s our home’ said Munoz. “We all looked at each other and of course it’s going to be the two wildest people out here, Me and Mackenize (Shiver).”

Seniors have missed out on sporting events, prom, time with classmates and many more things over the past couple of months. Saturday was all about celebrating their accomplishments.

“Carson you did it!!!,” shouted Carsons family. “I did it!,” said Payne.

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