Running Back J.D. McKissic Ready for the Washington Redskins


Most young football players dream of playing in the NFL, but not everyone gets to contribute or even make it. Former Central Red Devil J.D. McKissic has not only taken the field, but he’s scored. The 26-year-old has rushed on 88 carries for 402 yards and one touchdown and received 70-of-90 passes for 515 yards and 3 touchdowns all between three years with the Seahawks and this past season (2019-20) with the Lions.

Now McKissic brings a lot of talent to his new home with the Redskins where he will be wearing jersey No. 41. The running back has good hands and uses his dual-threat ability as a mismatch for defenders.

“I think the most important thing for me to bring to the team is something I’ve been doing for a long time,” said McKissic. “I was fortunate enough to play wide receiver through high school, through college (Arkansas State) and Atlanta.”

The third down back would have reported to Washington on April 6, 2020 for training camp, but the coronavirus has forced teams to use online, at-home learning. McKissic, along with the other backs, studies the Redskins new playbook through daily two hour Zoom calls.

“Being a guy on his fifth year, I think things come kind of natural to you. I’m doing a pretty good job with studying and putting the work in,” said McKissic. “Staying ahead of meetings. You don’t want to be the guy asked a question and you look confused. I want to be on top of all of that.”

The 5′ 10 1/2″, 197 pound back has stayed at home in Phenix City during COVID-19. He enjoys time with his family. McKissic is staying in NFL shape at Impact Performance RX, lifting weights and staying agile.

“This is the place I’ve been training at. I’ve been putting the work in. I think I’m not missing a beat, and going to Joel Stenslie as well for the physical therapy.”

McKissic trains one-on-one, focusing on running back drills Monday and Wednesday, but on Friday he’s ready for competition day with other local athletes.

“I just like messing with them and feeling them out, and trying to see who’s going to compete with me. Who’s going to try to do better than me. I need that.”

The day that McKissic and all athletes get the call to return to their NFL teams is going to be very special for the organizations and fans.

“I look forward to being on special teams, to being the running back, to being the third down back and going out as receiver to catch the ball,” said McKissic. To do it for Phenix City, it’s very exciting for me and something that I love to do.”

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