St. Anne-Pacelli School Announces Multi-Million Dollar Renovation for Sports Field


St. Anne-Pacelli school is embarking on a multi-million dollar project to revamp their athletic field.

They held their ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday, signaling the start of a new chapter for Pacelli sports.

On Monday, phase one of renovations will begin. Which includes new artificial turf, an improved baseball backstop, goal posts, soccer goals, foul poles and a brand new clay mound.

“We have waited so long for this field. It’s an essential part of our program,” said St. Anne Church Pastor Fr. Robert Schlageter. “With artificial turf it’s going to be safer because there won’t be all these little ridges all over the place, it’s going to look better.”

Phase two of the renovation includes new spectator seating, better lighting, an upgraded concession stand and new scoreboards.

“Phase one, Get them on the field. Phase two, get them in the stands,” said Schlageter.

It s an upgrade long in the works, met with plenty of excitement.

“It’s a great day to be a Viking as we always say around here,” said Pacelli Vikings Athletic Director, Corry Black. “Our kids, staff and alumni is fired up. It’s very exciting at this time.”

“It’s a great time for this to happen with us being in the virus and all the things going on around us right now. Our kids will be able to come back and have a new field when school starts. It will be awesome,” says Pacelli Vikings Football Head Coach, Dwight Jones.”

Three different sports share Deimel field. All of them will benefit from the new facility and it will enhance the sporting experience for Pacelli’s student-athletes.

“You just can’t do it without the facilities,” said Pacelli Vikings Baseball Head Coach, Bobby Howard. “The young kids now and everybody else looks at that. They look at the coach and the education. The facilities are important because it’s an arms race, you have to keep up. All you have to do is ask Alabama and Clemson. When somebody gets something, they got to do something bigger and better.”

Renovations start on Monday, May 11th. Phase one of the Deimel Field renovation is anticipated to be finished on the first day of the 2020-2021 school year.

The Pacelli Vikings football team will be the first to play on the new field when they open up the season on August 21st.

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