Local Couple’s Fitness Journey Comes to Life on Lifetime


“Kind of just wondering how I got so bad that I got this way,” said Allen Griffin.

Allen and Lacey Griffin had one goal in mind, to look good and be healthy on their wedding day.

“We were very heavy and about to get married, and we wanted to get in shape for our future,” said Lacey.

“It was on a message on Instagram, and she said, ‘What do you think about this?’ ‘Would you and your fiancée like to be on a TV show?’ That’s all it said, and I was like, ‘That’s a scam!,” said Allen.

The couple needed a little bit of help, and then trainer Lauren Messano knocked on their Smiths Station door. She specializes in working with brides-to-be and turning them into buff beauties. She pushes wedding clients physically and mentally.

“Doing hardly any workouts to doing just full blown force, we were kind of like I’m not doing this,” said Lacey. “I was like, ‘Allen I’m not doing this! If this is every time, I’m not doing it.”

The gym workout was just the beginning for Allen and Lacey. Messano put the couple to the test with the 500 mile My Big Fat Wedding Walk challenge, which was scheduled to air on the Lifetime channel Wednesday, May 6 at 11 p.m. EST.

“When Lauren told us, that was the first time we heard anything about it, and we were like what?,” said Lacey.

“All you’re thinking about is right now, 500 miles, go!,” said Allen.

The great thing about the couple’s journey is that they got to start in Columbus. The Wedding Walk began at Cooper Creek Park.

“I don’t want to walk. Day 6 F-U,” said Lacey.

“We still went to work every single day,” said Allen. “We still went to the gym to do the workout, and then you would go do your ten miles.”

The challenge was more than a test, it was a method to achieve a better, healthier and longer life together.

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