Lions Rookie Kicker, AJ Wells, Kicks Off Training on the Farm


The coronavirus has put sports on hold, closed gym facilities and forced many athletes to stay fit from home. Most kickers need a field goal post to train, but Columbus Lions rookie kicker AJ Wells is not the average kicker.

“They found out I was back in town, so I’m going to get ready to go. I’ve been working for a little less than a year now to try to get ready for the season and play for the hometown again.”

After graduating from Marion County, Wells played football for the College of the Holy Cross, then he earned a Masters at Auburn University. Now he’s ready to get back on the field.

“Last time I played football was in Massachusetts. I’m going to be near the people I grew up playing with and I’m going to be near the fans I grew up around. Hopefully make them proud.”

He lives with his family at Brantley Ridge Farm, and got creative with his kicking practice. Just a few footballs, a kicking holder and a tall Magnolia tree has helped Wells hit his target. Wells main focus in the National Arena League is to kick through the uprights on kickoffs for two points.

“I’ve had this Magnolia tree that’s just out in the center of the circle, and I figured I needed a small target to work with since the uprights in the arena are only nine feet wide, so this has been my target for the past couple of weeks.”

Wells enjoys his time off working at the farm by taking care of the engandered Pineywood Cows, Donkeys and Gulf Coast Native Sheep. The animals are his biggest fans when it comes to training on the farm.

“Just trying to get something similar to sled pushes in,” said Wells. “I’ve been running up a dirt hill a lot lately that’s got a really nice incline, so that’s probably been the hardest thing I’ve been able to do. Also I’ve just been trying to kick more and more. I’ve been lucky and privileged enough to be able to have space out here in the front yard to kick.”

Wells can’t wait to show off his skills in front of the home crowd of one of his favorite teams.

“I’ve been a fan of the arena team in Columbus since the War Dogs were playing, so I always joked about possibility of playing for the Lions when I was done with college ball and I guess it’s coming true.”

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