Sunny And Mild Today With Severe Weather Possible On Sunday


It’s a mild and quiet Friday, weather-wise. Plenty of sunshine today with warmer temperatures today.  Highs will finally be back around normal (77) or slightly above today. The warming trend continues into your Saturday. Late tonight or early tomorrow morning don’t be surprised if see a couple rain showers, with the passage of a weak cold front.  Unfortunately, Sunday forecast is very stormy with off and on showers and thunderstorms during the morning and early afternoon hours. Some of those storms could be strong and produce heavy rainfall.  Late afternoon or early evening hours a warm front will rise north of the Columbus, GA area and place our entire viewing area in the warm sector.  The warm sector will have all the  ingredients for severe weather Sunday evening through early Monday morning. The only main question is how unstable will it get in our area, as we will have a decent amount of wind shear (change of wind speed or direction with height).  The more unstable we get, the larger values of cape (Energy for the atmosphere) that will be available for the storms to form and strengthen.

All severe weather hazards are possible Sunday evening. That includes damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes.  Isolated flash flooding is also possible with 2 to 4 inches of rain possible.  The severe weather event is likely to last through early Monday morning.  Make sure you have multiple ways of getting the latest weather information.  Go over your severe weather plan now.

WLTZ First Weather Team will keep you updated on any updates to the severe weather on Sunday.

-Meteorologist Desmond Seketrius


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