Fresh Air and Exercising at a Social Distance Helps Some Residents De-Stress During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down gyms and more, forcing many Georgia residents to stay indoors to practice social distancing. Some have found ways to workout at home, but it’s also good to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. Running, biking, any kind of exercise, is a great way to stay fit while also staying six feet away from others.

“I have the agility ladder, hurdles and cones, and then I just bought some bands,” said Senior Platoon Trainer John Gensburger. “There’s no dumbbells, so weights are hard to come by right now.”

The military are expected to stay and shape and be ready at all times, but now with gyms closed it has forced brigades to get creative, such as creating a weekly challenge for their unit.

“This week is a five mile foot march with about 55 pounds on your back,” said Army SFAB Mechanic Zachery Sand. “Then we have to do it within time standard which is about 15 minutes per mile. My knees are a little sore. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a foot march, but other than that I feel pretty good.”

Another option for some residents is to fish off the Chattahoochee river. Not only is it a relaxing way to de-stress, but it also provides food on the table.

“We usually come down here and fish for fun,” said Columbus Resident Bobby Snider. “A lot of times people don’t know how to fish for these kinds of fish and stuff in this kind of river, so usually we’ll come down here and catch a bunch of them. We’ll donate them to the people and they really appreciate it.”

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