Quiet Weather Today Before Severe Weather Arrives On Easter Sunday







A cool to cold  start to your Saturday morning for many.  Temperatures will quickly recover and rise into the lower and upper 70s, today. This will give way to a beautiful Saturday before the storms arrive Easter Sunday afternoon.

Clouds will increase tonight and I can’t rule out an isolated rain shower tonight.  Most of the rain and severe weather will hold off until Sunday afternoon.  The overall, severe weather setup for  Sunday has not changed.  Still expecting several rounds of heavy rain and storms tomorrow. Isolated flash flooding will be possible with rainfall amounts ranging from 2 inches central Georgia/Alabama to +4 inches north Georgia/Alabama.  The main squall line that will contain damaging winds and tornadoes will approach the area around midnight on Sunday.  Please have multiple ways of recieving the severe storm watches and warning. Go over your severe weather plan today before the severe weather arrives.

Of course, WLTZ First Weather will keep you updated on all weather watches,warnings, and updates.

Be Weather Aware!

-Meteorologist Desmond Seketrius


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