Safe Sleep Class Online or Conference Call and Drive Thru Pack and Play Pickup for Eligible Parents


Following the Coronavirus Social Distance Mandate is of upmost importance.  Safe Kids Columbus wants to do just that.  We also know that babies are still being born every day and the importance of safe infant sleep is critical as well.

Safe Kids Columbus will continue their Safe Sleep Program by using an online webinar or conference call to deliver the educational portion (about 20 minutes) and then eligible parents will be given a specific date/time to DRIVE THRU to pick up their free pack and play.

After seeing identification through the window, they will place it in the trunk, so there will be no need to exit the vehicle.

They will also email the parent a set up demonstration video on how to use their new pack and play.

This will be just like they would have done in the classroom.

Please share this resource with family members and friends who do  not have a separate sleep space for their newborn or infant.

The pack and play is good for children up to 30 lbs  and no taller than 35 inches, the add on bassinet is limited to 15 pounds for newborns.

Expectant parents can call their office at 706-321-6720 to determine if they are eligible and to sign up for their online class or schedule a conference call.

They know many family members are out of work in the Columbus, GA area right now due to the Coronavirus, they are here to help if you are expecting a newborn baby.

Below is the link to their Safe Kids Columbus Facebook page.[0]=68.ARAYg_Qt4yTeMoSSX3WQg_lJXwuXEDEjn0it2Zv_ioHF1ZshQZZ0QWOsIpCr-8Ttf-PS5Z0xXp1OUjFPYhdZOpR7zwi5xQWiai5V90ZldbCF9EkrS4fTuw-EsXGiwZLRx3QSw3eLJ82y6GdYeB7GNB2B8TPdGvC6nHDXeWMmzsi6KLDfsqVS2OYOG371HV3hqwQnBsTkwMGp4EfXrUa1Oi5woQopV1ac_dr-HgooUKm8pyg04znWbY_kPkcMdGRXMCso8ELZ9MWVkDnbe-pdy7-SoJ-xBuez7XPJ_eAh2M_LeSy2noTBAdWmbC8qSzWCsyH1MO2kjciDIp79AcBlk5XoSIXu-OBmGXE_Rd3fuZTp0dF2sG8o8w


Courtesy: Pam Fair, Safe Kids Columbus

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