Grocery Delivery for Veterans in Need


The growing number of coronavirus cases, deaths and complications is a grave concern. Retired Command Sergeant Major Samuel Rhodes is doing everything he can to help.

Dropping off a box full of groceries to a veteran in need is nothing to new to CSM Rhodes.

This box here is going to Navy Veteran Ben Brooks who’s fallen on some hard times.

“I’ve been going through some rather difficult times, my wife was rushed to the hospital yesterday with a ministroke,” said Brooks.

CSM Rhodes has been helping veterans long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but his services mean even more during challenging times like these.

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years and everybody is worried about dying, we need to focus on living,” says Rhodes. “We need to focus on those who need us the most. We don’t need people dying or starving, we don’t need people dying from suicide and that’s happening. I just care, I love our country, I love the veterans and what they sacrifice.”

He’s taking all the precautions to make sure these much needed groceries are safe.

I’ve got a mask, when I come up to the door, I don’t talk directly to the veterans or anybody and I’ve got volunteers that are helping us do that.

It’s a small gesture that means the world to those who could use the help.

We have people like Sam who has been a real blessing, I don’t know how he does it,” says Brooks. He’s going out to help people and help our soldiers who are coming home. He has a heart of gold.”

Those words of gratitude continue to inspire CSM Rhodes.

“Just what Mr. Brooks said, ‘I have a heart of gold’. My heart is saddened by what s happening in our country a loss of one life is terrible. We’ve got to continue to help our elderly, the folks that can’t get out of the house,” said Rhodes.

After this stop, it’s onto more houses to help more veterans.

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