Quarantined in Peru

Peru closes its borders and quarantines foreigners.
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Columbus Wellness and Spa owner Kurundi Daniles quarantined in Peru. We talked by Facebook Live.

When Peru closed its borders to right the coronavirus, Kurundi Daniels of Breathe Holistic Health & Wellness Spa in Columbus, was one of thousands of Americans who were forced to remain inside the South American country.

Kurundi had sold everything, but her business and started on a year long trip to several countries around the world.

Now, she doesn’t know when she will be able to come home.

But, in a Facebook Live interview with me, she said she is safe , eats three meals a day and feels this is where she is supposed to be at this time.

“I just don’t know how long my shoes will last,” she said. Kurundi told me she wears a size ten show and in that part of the world they don’t sell shoes larger than a size nine.

Most of her medicines and clothes and shoes are in the big city. She is actually in a jungle retreat. She went there to learn more about plant based healing.

The U-S recently sent a plane to bring a group of Americans out of Peru. But kurundi is not near an airport , making it more difficult to reach her.

She told me, “my big fear is actually getting back on airplanes and making connections in airports. The thought of getting the virus that way is scarier than staying here.”

Peru has 32 million citizens. Five people have tested positive.

The numbers are very low there and Peru’s leaders say they’re going to do everything they can to keep it that way.

We’re not sure anyone can even send a care package through the mail. She tells us the postal systems are not as reliable as they are in the United States.


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