WLTZ Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus

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Ken Ward says it feels like a bad case of the flu.


Ken Ward is self-quarantined. He talked with his co-worker Dee Armstrong by skype to let the team know how he is dealing with the coronavirus and when he will be back. He is one of the hundreds of thousands who have tested positive around the world. And because he is already on the way to recovery he knows he  will not be one of the nearly 19 thousand deaths.

WLTZ General Manager Mark Kirkland expressed his concern for Ken and the community today.

In Kirkland’s statement he said:

“As reported earlier , a WLTZ part time employee’s girlfriend tested positive with the Covid-19 virus. Now we have learned that Ken Ward has also tested positive.

Fortunately, Ken works remotely in most cases, and only interacted with a trio of people

at WLTZ.  Those three employees have been quarantined and are at home. 

As soon as we discovered this, we immediately called CDC and local health officials to determine a safety plan.

We deep cleaned the station over this past weekend and added additional protocals, including cleaning of station vehicles. 

We are doing all we know to do and be fastidious about safety measures.

It is impacting our station like it is for most newsrooms and businesses

across the country.  We continue to ask people of the WLTZ viewing area to be diligent and not take anything

for granted.  If Covid-19 can happen to us, it can happen to you.”

Ken fully agrees. He is urging everyone to take the proper precautions.

He believes his girlfriend contracted the virus during one of their travels. She is also doing much better these days as well.

Ken told Dee he is very glad that so far no one at the station has experienced any symptoms.

When he goes back to work ,will be determined by his doctor.

We here at WLTZ  miss him and we’re looking forward to having him back .