Climate Control Community Tent Creates Additional ER Space for Local Hospital


On a regular basis emergency rooms are taking in patients, but now with COVID-19 hospitals are taking more precautions. Over in LaGrange, the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center is using a Climate Control Community tent donated by Dale Jackson, the co-owner of Jackson Services, to help non-infectious patients.

“They can get checked out by a nurse. They can fill out paperwork. They can get a prescription, and then they can get sent back home,” said Jackson. “This way they don’t have to go through the extra screening process of getting into the hospital.”

Jackson’s tents are normally booked for all sorts of events throughout the year, from Callaway football games to local concerts. At most events, the three tents are used at no cost and made to help the elderly and special needs attendees to survive the heat.

“It’s a 20×40 tent. Real heavy-duty. We’re able to air condition the tent in a very efficient way, but it does a very good job.”

In the future, Jackson plans to go a step further and help hospitals who need more space for coronavirus patients by installing his higher quality Ionization units in these tents.

“They release ions into the air, and the ions can get on surfaces. They will actually destroy the coronavirus on all surfaces, and really it would be one of the cleanest environments you could possible ask for.”

These tents will help patients get the treatment they need all while staying healthy in a clean air environment.

“They’re putting themselves at risk by having to go into the hospital, and putting others at risk as well, so this is a way to keep as much of that outside the hospital.”

Jackson plans on working with more local hospitals, including in Columbus, to donate his other two tents for service.

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