Nonprofit Organizations Financially Impacted by the COVID-19 Outbreak


Paws Humane in Columbus, Georgia is working to slow the spread of the coronavirus while keeping their doors open to serve the community.

“We’re taking precautionary measures for sanitation , making sure that everything is clean and sanitized,” says Paws Humane Society CEO Tricia Montgomery. “As well as working with our staff, we have some working remotely, making sure that they are safe.”

Just like small businesses around the area, Paws Humane has experienced the financial impact from the coronavirus. One of their biggest fundraisers of the year was just cancelled.

“In the interest of the safety of everyone, we have cancelled all events until further notice. That impacts are bottom like just like everyone else in the community right now,” said Montgomery.

While many people are practicing social distancing and choosing to stay at home, a furry friend might be a great companion to have around.

“Pets decrease our heart rate, they decrease diabetes, they improve loneliness,” says Montgomery. “If you think about people right now in that social isolation, you need something, you need someone and that dog is going to act as your best friend during that time.”

Paws Humane is offering a solution for your pet to get a check-up while still maintaining your social distance.

“Beginning Monday (March 23rd) we’re going to be offering curbside service. In order to continue the services we’re offering within the veterinary clinic, our team will be going out to the cars and meeting the clients, grabbing the pups and bringing them in. All owners have to do is sit in the car, relax and we’ll take care of the rest.

Paws Humane society is limiting traffic that in the building by only opening it’s doors to those who are serious about adoption.

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