Keep Kids Safe with Poison Prevention


Due to COVID-19 and safe distancing recommendations, children have been sent home and away from school and day care. Whether children are staying with parents, grandparents or neighbors, it’s important to be aware of the location of household items that could cause harm if misused by the child.

Items such as cleaners, medications and detergents are some of the common materials that could be lying around. The key is to keep items high and out of sight. That includes purses that contain medication.

For more information visit If a child intakes or mishandles poisonous items, contact the Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222. This number is a free, 24-hour, confidential phone line that can be used for questions about how to take or give medicine, concerns about plants, chemicals, carbon monoxide, bites, stings and more. You can also use the Poison Help online tool for poisoning information.

Safe Kids Columbus is led by Midtown Medical Center, which provides dedicated and caring staff, operation support and other resources to assist in achieving our common goal: keeping your kids safe. Based on the needs of the community, this coalition implements evidence-based programs, such as car-seat checkups, safety workshops and sports clinics, that help parents and caregivers prevent childhood injuries.

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