Keep Calm And Carry On….From A Distance

Columbus Records First Case of Coronavirus

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson urged people not to panic after word spread that the city officially recorded it’s first case of the Coronavirus. “There’s no shortage of food. The shelves are getting restocked. Just be smart, you know stay home if you feel sick,” the Mayor told First News. The Mayor said his top priority now is managing information and fear.

How many local residents have actually been exposed to the virus might be impossible to gauge because test kits for COVID-19 are in very short supply. The Mayor and local public health officials acknowledge the 30 test kits provided to the entire district including Columbus were wholly inadequate. Governor Brian Kemp responded to the statewide shortage issuing a statement late this evening saying in part the state is taking immediate action to secure more tests and critical supplies from the national stockpile.

“I’m very, very careful not to minimize this but the test itself really helps us in determining where it’s spreading and whose getting it, what age group but by and large if you have those symptoms and you’re self quarantining it’s as effective as getting that test done,” Mayor Henderson said.

In the meantime, the Mayor wants you to keep calm and carry on….from a distance. “And I don’t want to make light of it because that is the way to stop this spread. That is in fact the only way to stop it is to limit direct contact with individuals so that you don’t pass that thing on,” the Mayor said.

The Mayor and members of the City Council will make another major announcement this Tuesday regularly scheduled meeting as city officials ponder whether or not to close restaurants and bars following the current trend in other major cities around the Country.

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