It’s About To Get Real

Drive Thru Testing For Coronavirus Available Wednesday

It’s about to get real as they say and as this pandemic spreads to our little corner of the Universe. The question everybody has is how will I know if I’m sick and how can I get tested? There is certain criteria to get tested for COVID-19 and for starters you actually have to be showing signs of the illness.

The Columbus Health Department tells First News people who meet the criteria for the Coronavirus testing could drive through a testing site directly behind their Comer Avenue location as early as Wednesday if everything goes according to plan.

But there is a process. “Right, yes. It’s not just gonna be open testing. People will have to call in and get assessed by our epidemiologist. They will assess each person based on their age and their travel history and any symptoms they’re having to see if they meet the criteria for testing. if they do, then they can come in at a certain time where they will have an appointment and drive thru and get tested,” Health Department spokesperson Pamela Kirkland said.

Symptoms of the corona virus and part of that criteria include fever, cough and difficulty breathing. The CEO of Piedmont Columbus Regional, the city’s largest health care provider said the hospital is prepared for the worst case scenario.“We’re prepared. We have plans to handle mass casualties, to handle mass incidents like this. We’re actually here in Columbus one of a few designated infectious disease hospitals in the State of Georgia and we went through that designation process back when the Ebola crisis occurred a few years back . So we are prepared and have very detailed plans around the response to a large scale event where there’s a system wide or community wide disease like this,” Scott Hill said.

The spokesperson for the health department urges common sense.  Pamela Kirkland said if you don’t feel well contact your medical provider first and stay home.

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