Driver, Inmates Pick Up Reefer On Garbage Route

Marijuana Was Intended For Distribution To Prison Inmates

A garbage truck driver is behind bars tonight after a scheme to get prison inmates marijuana behind bars. Taurean Steele is employed by the city’s Public Work’s Department and is now facing felony charges for picking up contraband along his path.

The prison warden tells First News it was a correctional officer who spotted the shenanigans and then it took investigators a matter of days to conduct their investigation and confirm the pick up plan and plot to distribute the marijuana to inmates. “It was brought to our investigator’s attention by Chief Deputy Warden Sherman Thomas that they had intercepted that 14 ounces of Marijuana as it was attempted to be passed through the prison by concealed means,” Major JD Hawk said.

Police stopped short of saying if the grass was stashed inside the garbage cans but that the driver knew where the inmates could collect the pot along his path. Steele is charged with multiple felonies including intent to distribute and the three inmates who helped are now starring down additional charges and hard time.

Law Enforcement officials want the public to know the serious nature of providing inmates with anything other than their household garbage. “We understand sometimes you feel sorry for the prisoners on the back of those trucks. Well when you place an item intentionally in a trash can or some container trying to help or give it to those prisoners you have now committed a felony,” Major Hawk said.  Warden Thomas said call them if you see anything out of the ordinary. “Anytime you suspect suspicious activity involving an inmate or anything else or call 911, we work hand in hand together. We will come out and investigate it,” Thomas said.

One other thing the Police Major noted is that people in Columbus know who their garbage man is and if you see something say something.


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