Debt Collector Posed As Cop To Harass Clients

Jason Lovegrove Asked Undercover Cop For Nude Photos

A local debt collector was hauled into court this morning charged with impersonating a police officer. Jason Lovegrove posed as law enforcement on Facebook targeting clients from his work place and others according to court testimony.

Lovegrove appeared at Recorder’s Court where they are still processing those who are charged with criminal activity. A police officer with special operations told the court they received a complaint from a confidential source that Jason Lovegrove was operating under an alias posing as a member of local law enforcement on Facebook.

Lovegrove works for a local debt collector and would contact people on social media and tell them they should cooperate with his investigation and he was trying to keep them out of jail . His phony Facebook page was filled with police images and even posts intimating he was training with other officers the policeman testified. When a real undercover cop contacted Lovegrove he asked her to send nude photos and identified himself as a cop and member of the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department.

He requested a naked photo on more than one occasion. The accused poser also used the account to try to glean information about a local murder case. He was really a debt collector he confessed to detectives attempting to collect unpaid bills.

His public defender told Judge Julius Hunter this was a classic case of entrapment and asked for the charge to be dismissed but the Judge ruled there was probable cause and set a $100,000 bail sending a strong message to anyone thinking about posing as local law enforcement on social media.

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