City Worker Arrested For Sex Crimes Wants Bail

Patrick Conway Allegedly Taped Sex Acts With Girls From Group Home

 A City worker wants a Muscogee County Judge to set bail so he can return to work. Patrick Conway’s defense attorney told the court during last week’s hearing that the 53 year old raised five children, wasn’t a flight risk and had a good job for over twenty years with the Columbus Water Works and that he planned to return to that job if he could get out of jail on bond.

Conway was arrested and charged last month with nearly a dozen charges related to child sex crimes including child molestation, sexual battery and production of child pornography. The 53 year old  allegedly provided drugs , alcohol and a place for the four juvenile females to stay away from their Columbus group home.  The victims range in age and the youngest was 13 years old.

According to the Assistant District Attorney,  Conway allegedly raped one child , videotaped another juvenile showering and recorded two minor girls engaged in sex acts. His criminal defense attorney denied the allegations.

The Prosecutor said when the girls attempted to leave Conway’s house he took out his gun and fired two warning shots outside so the victims stayed longer.   The girls were gone for up to 36 hours before they made their way back to the group home and were taken to a hospital for evaluation.  Police Captain Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick told First News the four juveniles were initially reported missing from the group home.

Judge Ben Land said Conway is entitled to a bond on the felony charges but only after 90 days and Conway has been in jail just over a month. Land, citing the serious nature of the allegations, declined to set bond for now.

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