Veteran Guilty of Combat Medic’s Road Rage Murder

Justin Davidson Shot Retired Combat Medic Lorenzo Freeman Sr.

Lorenzo Freeman Sr. and Justin Davidson were both army veterans diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder when their worlds collided according to court testimony. Davidson was hurling racial slurs at Freeman’s son during a road rage incident that started in Columbus and ended in front of a Dollar General store in Fort Mitchell. “It was some silly incident like that that led to Justin Davidson following and trying to intimidate Lorenzo Freeman Jr., a 17 year old young man,” Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis said.

Justin Davidson and Ernie May said they were acting in self defense when they fired at Freeman but an eyewitness caught up in the crossfire testified to the contrary. “The witness saw that Mr. Freeman was faced with two armed men and also that the first shot that was fired was fired not by Mr. Freeman but by Justin Davidson,” Davis said.

Surveillance video from the gas station across the street, obtained exclusively by First News shows Lorenzo Freeman Sr. coming to his son’s aid but they ultimately retreat and start to head home in a nearby subdivision. The video also shows Ernie May emerge in his truck and hand Justin Davidson a shotgun. Davidson fired the first shot before making his way across the street where Freeman was shot dead with a single blast from Davidson’s 12 gauge shotgun.

Ernie May said “I just killed that F*** N**** as he bolted from the scene. “There was a lot of use of the “N” word both before and after the shooting by the defendants,” the Prosecutor told First News.

Ken Davis said the incident highlights an overall lack of civility in society today. “There is I think across this Country there is a rudeness on the land. People are rude. My personal opinion is that maybe social media and the way people interact on social media because there’s a certain anonymity there has caused us to become less civil as people.”

The Jury took less than two hours to return a guilty verdict for both men of murder and special enhancement hate crime.  Davidson and May face 20 years to Life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled next month in Russell County.


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