Chattahoochee Valley Community College Offering Mini Term Classes

It’s not too late to start your educational journey at Chattahoochee Valley Community College. If you missed registering for Spring classes at CVCC, there’s still time. The College offers term II or mini term courses.

Term II is another opportunity to begin classes.

The mini-term is designed for students to complete coursework in a shorter period of time, eight weeks. You may enroll in one course (three credit hours) or as many as 12 credit hours. Registration is going on now.

For students’ convenience, we have both online and traditional courses available.

These shorter, more intense sessions are ideal for students for a variety of reasons. Whether a student needs to take a prerequisite for a course needed in an upcoming semester, or wants to take a course for advancement closer to degree completion, there is enough variety available to meet their needs. Classes include Criminal Justice, English Composition, Business Management, Fire Science and United States History, just to name a few. For a full listing of courses available, you can visit our website at

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