Dispute Over Construction Payment Ends With Murder

Trey Campbell Uses Stand Your Ground Defense

A business dispute over money ended with one man dead and another claiming he fired his weapon in self defense. The incident happened February 9th a home on Rice Street.

Trey Campbell was arrested and charged for the murder of Shovawn Baker. Campbell and Baker had a running beef since last Summer over payment for a construction project according to court testimony. Baker thought Campbell shorted him two thousand dollars for his work on the project.

When Trey Campbell was assaulted by three men late last year, he thought Shovawn Baker sent the trio for payment owed. A police investigator told the court Campbell sent text messages earlier this month indicating he was seeking revenge for being jumped and assaulted.

Both armed men were in Baker’s Rice Street kitchen when multiple shots were exchanged according to testimony. Baker was discovered dead on the scene and down the street Trey Campbell was also seriously injured from a gunshot wound. “What I think is very important that my client left the location, actually called 911 and stated in the 911 call basically not knowing whether he was gonna die or not made a dying declaration that hey I’m here on Walker Street, I’m about to pass out uh Mr. Baker shot me, Shovawn Baker shot me. I’ve been injured, uh I’m walking here on the street , please get me help,” Campbell’s defense attorney Stacey Jackson said after the probable cause hearing.

Jackson said it’s fair game to shoot back when fired on, “If someone pulls out a gun and shoots you, you have a right to fire back regardless of a statement, regardless of a text message, regardless of argument, regardless about being mad about being owed money, any of that . If someone shoots you, you can shoot back.”

The state prosecutor shot back Trey Campbell was in the victim’s house, drew his weapon first and clearly stated his intent in those text messages. Judge Julius Hunter said the self defense claim will be a matter for the jury to decide. The judge agreed there was probable cause in the case and noted due to the nature of the charge, a Superior Court judge would have to set bond.

Campbell’s attorney said he plans to file a motion for bond immediately.


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