Attorney: Million Dollar Drug Figure Is Fuzzy Math

Autumn Tillery Charged After Deadly Upatoi Home Invasion

An attorney representing Autumn Tillery says the million dollar figure cops assigned to the amount of drugs found in her Upatoi home was formulated using some fuzzy math.

Tillery is now facing multiple felony drug charges as a direct result of that deadly home invasion last month. Her son, 21-year-old Cross Henderson was shot and killed inside the Upatoi Ridge Lane home during an armed robbery. The five armed intruders targeted the home for drugs according to previous court testimony.

In the latest arrest in connection to the case, a police investigator testified Autumn Tillery had more than $1 million dollars worth of drugs , most of it marijuana products inside her Upatoi home. Police also seized Oxycontin, LSD and methamphetamine and other drugs. “Well what I see is a lot of multiplication. I mean they say things and I think it’s multiplied. They are assigning values to small quantities and then they come up with a number like a million. I disagree with the premise of how they calculated it basically,” Tillery’s defense attorney Jennifer Dunlap said after the hearing.

 Autumn Tillery told detectives she bought the drugs off the dark web. Five people targeted the home because they knew drugs were there according to investigators. All five of those suspects are housed inside the Muscogee County Jail where Tillery was booked .

Her attorney said she wasn’t a flight risk and asked for Tillery to be released on her own recognizance¬† sighting security concerns but the Judge denied bond prompting Tillery to break down and cry that she would die in jail. “I’m gonna die in jail…they put me in here with murderers,” she said. “I did hear that and that was part of our argument to the court. The alleged killers are here. They are male and female,” Dunlap said.

Judge Julius Hunter said he had sympathy for the mother of a homicide victim but it was the court’s job to keep suppliers off the street and that people had suffered because of Auburn Tillery’s enterprise. The Judge also agreed there’s a real security concern housing Tillery in the same jail as her son’s accused killers and she could be transferred to another county jail pending her next court appearance.

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