Man Charged After Neighbor Critically Injured During Fight

Court: Victim's Injuries Not Consistent With Suspect's Self Defense Claim

There are new details tonight about a neighborhood fight that left one Columbus man clinging to life and another facing multiple felony charges. WLTZ first reported on the incident last Friday.

A Columbus Police detective testified in Recorder’s Court that the incident started after 62 year old Danny Jones drove through a street basketball game on Charter Oaks Circle and yelled at the kids to get out of the road. A neighbor who did not testify at the hearing told First News what the children relayed happened on the scene. “They were playing ball as usual out here playing then two cars , a red truck and maybe a grey car came through really fast and that some of the kids were, most of them were in the street at the time the car came by and that they actually physically you know moved and jumped out of the road to allow the car through,” Piett’s neighbor Sabrina Thomas said.

Five minutes later the Detective said Darnel Piett marched up the hill to Wimbish Court looking for the driver of that red truck. Piett’s family said the 25 year old wasn’t a fighter, he was looking out for the children and he approached the home to talk. But the first neighbor Piett approached had home security video which allegedly shows Piett in an agitated state looking for Danny Jones. The 25 year old told police it was the 62 year old who was the aggressor and that he was defending himself.

The detective told the court Danny Jones’ injuries, a fractured neck and lacerations on his head and face were not consistent with Piett’s account and told the Judge he believed Piett’s brother beat up the victim’s brother as well.  The family of Danny Jones said he suffered a massive stroke over the weekend and has since received a grim diagnosis. “The doctors have conveyed to us that there is a very low probability that he will survive,” the victim’s nephew testified.

Darnel Piett’s mother also approached to offer the victim’s family an apology and to address her son directly. “I’m so, I’m just so heartbroken for you. I’m sorry, I really am….Darnel, I pray to God you didn’t throw the first punch at this man. I trust you,” she said.  Piett’s mother told First News that her son loved all people and she doesn’t believe the altercation was racially motivated by either party.

Judge Julius Hunter said Darnel Piett wasn’t eligible for bond at this time because he has a previous conviction. A second warrant was issued for the arrest of Cadarius Walker.


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