Judge: Vigilante Justice Not Okay After 13 Year Old Murdered

Jahiem Davis Charged With 2 Counts of Aggravated Assault

Dramatic new details about the night a 13 year old child was killed with a shotgun in South Columbus were revealed in court Wednesday morning. That’s where the dead teen’s brother appeared facing criminal charges now for his actions immediately following the murder.

13 year old Jamareion Davis was shot and killed on 32nd Avenue back in January prompting his family to take matters into their own hands immediately following in the hunt for the suspect. A Columbus Police detective testified about the chaotic scene immediately following the shooting of the middle school student.

Jamareion’s distraught 17 year old brother , Jahiem picked up the shotgun just used to kill his little brother and handed it to his cousin and the two proceeded to take off after 18 year old Jaquayvius Jones at the Vista Estates walking distance from the crime scene. The two teenagers found the suspect’s 59 year old grandmother and nine year old sister who told police the 16 year old juvenile cousin pointed the shotgun inches from their face and threatened harm if they didn’t tell them where Jaquayvius Jones was hiding.

According to police, Jahiem Davis never had possession of the shotgun but was charged with two counts of aggravated assault for the incident. “They have two sons. One is locked up here and the other is no longer with us and instead of dealing with that grief they’re now having to ask the community, do everything they can to get the bond money together to free their 17 year old son,” Jahiem Davis’ attorney Christopher Breault told reporters outside the courtroom.

But Judge Julius Hunter said trauma and extreme grief doesn’t give you a pass to behave in a criminal  manner even if the 17 year old didn’t personally point the shotgun saying “you just can’t do that in our society. “There was no vigilante justice here. Vigilante justice would have been getting a weapon, going over there and taking action to make this right and that is not what he did here,” Breault said. Jaheim and Jamareion Davis’ father told the media “like the lawyer said, you know that’s something anybody would’ve did. The only thing he did was just chase the guy that just murdered his brother. You know he chased him. He didn’t go to the boy’s house , he ran behind him.”

Jahiem Davis was given a $25,000 bond for each count of aggravated assault. His family has since raised the money and bonded their son out of the Muscogee County Jail.





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