Scholar Athlete of the Week: Glenwood’s Bryce Rosier


Glenwood junior Bryce Rosier loves playing basketball. He’s been on the Gators varsity roster since ninth grade under Head Coach Dusty Perdue.

“He teaches more about being a better person than just being a better athlete. That’s what I love about him.”

Rosier is dedicated to the game. He uses most of his spare time practicing his three point shot and more.

“I shoot a bunch of shots a day. I even come in on the weekends. Ask him to unlock the gym for me to come shoot, so I’m always shooting.”

The 5’9″, 145 pound shooting guard averages 12 points, five rebounds, two assists and two steals per game. While points lead to wins, it’s also important to be a leader.

“Get everybody in position like the point guard a little bit. Just tell them where to go and stuff, and who’s on defense. Communicating up top and stuff.”

Rosier’s attention to detail and commitment extend outside of the gym. The junior holds a 4.5 GPA, takes dual-enrollemnt history and other AP classes, as well as participates in the National Honor Society and BETA Club.

“My grandmother was a teacher. She was a teacher here for 39 years, and my mom is a teacher down at the elementary school, so it’s been in my blood since I was born.”

His mother and grandmother have played a major role in Rosier’s studies at Glenwood. Here’s a piece of advice he learned from them that he’ll always follow.

“Go home, study a little bit every night and always get your homework done. That’s big.”

After high school, Rosier envisions himself studying business and playing college basketball, bur for now the junior guard has big goals he wants to achieve by the end of his senior year.

“I want to graduate all-headmasters list still and I do want to win a basketball state championship. That’s important to me.”

These are achievable goals for a hardworking,  ballplayer. Congratulations to Bryce Rosier, our WLTZ Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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