WW2 Veteran and Author Writes Compelling Book Entitled “NUTS”

The book about the life of WW2 veteran, Vincent Speranza, includes his memories of one of the most talked about battles of World War Two.

People in our local Fort Benning area had a rare opportunity recently to interact with a man who made history many years ago in world war two.

94-year-old Vincent Speranza is a veteran of the battle of the bulge, the last German offensive on the western front which took place in late 1944 into early 45.

Speranza was a machine gunner at the battle of Bastogne, Belgium.

He recently signed copies of his book about his life at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center.

The book entitled “NUTS”  was inspired by the 101st airborne commanders response to the Nazi’s who were ready to overrun the paratroopers at the battle of Bastogne right before Christmas 1944.

Speranza survived that battle to eventually write the book which includes fascinating facts not only about the time before during and after the war but also about his life and his family who came before him from Italy.

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