The Miraculous Comeback of Mark Jones

Restaurant Owner Walks To Business Meetings 20 Months After Crash

A local businessman who weathered his own storm is making a miraculous comeback after a near fatal crash. Mark Jones has spent two years recovering since that crash. You might recognize his name as the owner of one of your favorite restaurants, he runs seven local establishments but he had to stage a serious rally after being sidelined the last several months.

Jones was living the good life , running a half a dozen eateries and enjoying an ever expanding family. Then in May of 2018 , life as he knew it came to a screeching halt after a near fatal crash. “I’ll be honest with you. I had my pity parties from time to time and stuff but when it came down to. it they didn’t last very long because I’d look around and I knew I still had it better than some people did,” Jones said.

It’s hard to imagine a worst situation than losing your mobility and a grim diagnosis but Mark Jones got to down to business and intense therapy at the Shepherd Center.“They really try to teach you how to get a long in a wheel chair, how to live life in a wheel chair and stuff like that which I understand why they do it because you never know uh but I kept telling them, I said I’m not going to learn this. I said you teach me how to walk and get me going again,” Jones told First News.

And they did.  Twenty months later, the popular restaurant owner is back in the saddle, miraculously making his way to his downtown restaurants without the help of a wheel chair.  He credits his loyal crew in large part for his major comeback. “You know the best thing that’s happened to me is when I came back you know being around all my employees and all that. They really had my back when I was out,” Jones said.

Mark Jones says he’s still adjusting, still building his stamina and oh yes, his business empire.”You know, I’m still scared, still don’t know where I’m gonna end up as far as how much I’ll be able to do Ive still got ideas floating around in my head that I want to bring to Columbus, Yeah I don’t want to stop at 7.”

(Nat sound) “I’ll see you soon”

Disclosure: Robbie Watson worked with Mark and Kevin Jones at Muldoon’s and Tom Jones at the Villa Nova Restaurant 30 years ago.


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