Looks Can Be Deceiving-Your Next Car May Have Been in a Wreck

Tax return checks begin showing up in February and many people start thinking about buying their next car. But buyers could end up overpaying by thousands on a used car and putting a family’s safety at risk if they aren’t careful.  4  of 10 cars rolling the road with you today have been in an accident.

The #1 thing consumers want to know about a used car is whether it has been in accident. For that, they turn to Carfax, the most trusted vehicle history provider. But just because a used car has been in an accident doesn’t make it a bad buy, you just have to know what to look for to determine if the damage was a ding or a disaster. It’s important to remember not all accidents are created equal. Used car expert Emilie Voss will have cars in a body shop, cleaned up, and photos of what they looked like only days before.

Courtesy: Carfax

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