Defense Attorneys Target Mom In Deadly Home Invasion

Cross Henderson Murder Suspects Linked to FNG Gang

Columbus Police Investigators identified the armed bandits arrested for a deadly home invasion as members of the FNG Gang and testified that these same suspects showed up at the house in Upatoi just three days prior to the murder of Cross Henderson.

All but one of the six suspects charged with the murder of Henderson hired their own criminal defense attorney for the preliminary hearing where a police investigator testified surveillance video from that Upatoi neighborhood shows a white sedan circling the cul de sac repeatedly where Cross Henderson and his friends had gathered.

Relatives of the female juvenile suspect said the vehicle with tinted windows belongs to the 16 year girl not pictured in court. The detective said the suspects armed with various types of weapons including an AK-47 were members of the FNG gang and already targeted the home that same week but the robbery was never reported to police.

The Police detective detailed the brutal beat down some of the eight victims inside the home endured as the suspects told them to “give it up”.  The armed intruders were after a large amount of marijuana they knew was stashed inside the home.

Henderson was shot in the back attempting to escape upstairs police said. Criminal defense attorney Jennifer Curry , representing Ceuion English zeroed in on Cross Henderson’s mother who was able to identify the stolen drugs to police. Curry attempted to shift the focus of the hearing from the suspects asking if detectives were looking into the mom’s background.

(Reporter) How is Ms. Tillery’s criminal record relevant to her son being killed inside her home? Is this some kind of excuse that mom was dealing drugs so it’s okay her son was gunned down?

“Oh, man. I’m not going down that road,” Curry responded.

“All I’m saying is this begs the question whether or not they’re looking at the wrong people because of the substantial amount of dope that was there,” Shevon Thomas said outside the courtroom. Thomas represents Trevonuis Williams.

Police ultimately recovered the stolen drugs and multiple firearms when three of the six suspects were apprehended at their South Columbus home days after the home invasion.

The one key detail not revealed in court testimony: who pulled the trigger? Henderson’s mother has told First News she knows who the gunman is but investigators have declined to confirm the name of the shooter she provided and appear to be keeping that piece of information close to the vest for now.

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