Warren Beaulah Court; Carver High Honors Head Coach with Gym Floor


When a high school honors a coach it says a lot about their character and perseverance. On Saturday, Carver boys Basketball Head Coach Warren Beaulah put his name down in history. After 25 years at Carver, 16 at the helm and a GHSA State Championship in 2019, Beaulah was honored with a court named in his honor. Next time fans walk into Richard Mahone Gymnasium, they’ll see Warren Beaulah Court.

It’s more than special,” said Beaulah. “Anytime somebody names something after you that means they really appreciated what you did, or you actually did something that made a difference. For them to put my name on the court, I thought it was just outstanding and something I will never, ever forget.”

Family and friends packed the stands on the special day, including his mother, Bertha Harrison Gibbs. Beaulah is thankful for his mother and grandmother for raising him.

“It has not always been easy,” said Gibbs. “Through perseverance and god he has made it this far.”

Beaulah’s former Spencer High School Head Coach and Carver coworker, Richard Mahone, has been a very important mentor to Beaulah on and off the court. Mahone also coached at Columbus High and Columbus State before retiring at Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

“He was easy to coach. Oh he was just a wonderful guy, you know,” said Mahone. “That’s why I brought him on as my assistant. He was real, real smart. Warren won a state championship and I didn’t. Haha!”

While Mahone did not win a high school championship, he did earn a ring thanks to Beaulah. The Tigers won the GHSA 4A State Championship in 2019 over Americus-Sumter.

“He’s always going to be a part of what I do,” said Beaulah. “I made sure he got a ring, so he did get a championship.”

The best part about coaching for Beualah has been the reward of seeing how his players have grown as men.

“When they come back, that’s when you really know it’s special,” said Beaulah. “A.J. Watts came and signed my bench one day. He said, ‘Coach I love you’, and that’s just special.”

After the (2019-20) season, Beualah will officially hang up his whistle and retire.

“It’s going to be tough. Even when I came, and I thought about it. I was like ‘How are you going to possibly keep up what Coach Mahone has established at Carver?’ You know there’s a lot of winning tradition at Carver,” said Beaulah. “I’m going to do whatever I can to support whoever comes in, and hopefully they’ll keep this thing rolling.”

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