EXCLUSIVE: Horrific Details Emerge About Upatoi Home Invasion

Cross Henderson "The Glue That Held Friends Together"

As friends and family gathered to mourn the loss of Cross Henderson , horrific details are emerging about the home invasion in Upatoi where he was killed and the suspects charged with his murder.

Henderson had recently graduated from the Fire Academy and was preparing for a new chapter in life. The 21 year old was remembered fondly at Cascade Hills Church for his service to Country too as an Air Force Reservist,  and an Alabama Crimson Tide fan before his life was cut short last Friday.

Henderson and several of his close friends were enjoying a fire in the backyard of his Upatoi Ridge home when three masked men appeared from the woods , ambushing several  people at the residence. Once the victims were brought inside , other armed attackers entered the home.

The intruders lingered inside the home for several minutes taunting the victims with various types of guns pointed at their faces, threatening to kill each one of them and some of the victims were beaten.

Upstairs, Cross Henderson was shot in the back as he entered his mom’s room and his mother says she knows exactly who pulled the trigger.   The armed bandits left with cell phones and several black bags according to the victims.

All five of the adult suspects have a rap sheet , many of them prior felony charges including Ceuion English charged with another home invasion back in 2015. At least one suspect, Anthony “AJ” Foster attended Northside High School with Henderson and his friends.

According to Georgia Law, each suspect  will be prosecuted for Murder as a Party to the Crime, regardless of who planned the attack or who pulled the trigger . Why these suspects targeted that particular home in Upatoi is a matter of speculation and it’s unclear what exactly they made off with but all of those details including each person’s role in the robbery will ultimately be revealed in court testimony as early as next week.

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