NFL Running Back Isaiah Crowell Gives Goody Bags at SafeHouse Ministries on MLK Day


Carver High School alum and NFL running back Isaiah Crowell made a special trip to the SafeHouse Ministries on MLK Day. He teamed up with Sports Visions Radio to put his vision to life, giving back to the community of Columbus.

“This is where I’m from. I mean, I love it where I’m from,” said Isaiah Crowell. “I wanted to basically just give back to people and just show people a different side and just motivate people.”

“What a wonderful way to give back to show our gratitude and everything for all that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for,” said Isaiah’s mother Debbie Crowell, “Feeding and giving to the homeless.”

The residents Crowell is helping at SafeHouse Ministries are homeless, addicted or incarcerated men and women transitioning back to the community.

“You know, he helped me out,” said Columbus resident James Lowery. “To see him. He shook my hand, I got a picture with him. It’s great to see him out here doing this stuff for this community.”

Crowell hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as a free football camp, and giving out food for the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday. Partnering with SafeHouse Ministries was a new experience, and Sports Visions co-host D.J. Jones helped set it all up.

“He says that when he was younger a lot of things that he couldn’t afford to do his family couldn’t do for him,” said Jones. “Because he has been blessed the way he has, he just feels the need that he should give back.”

Residents know the Raider running back for his stats on the football field at Carver, college and the NFL. During his four seasons with the Cleveland Browns, he rushed for over 3,000 yards and 21 touchdowns, but he’ll always be remembered for his contributions to Columbus.

“Coming back to give to the needy, people like me,” said Columbus resident Jerry Fletcher. “It feels great to know that we’ve got somebody that loves us.”

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