Severe Weather To Saturate Viewing Area

Tornado Survivors Pay Attention To FIRST Warning

Severe weather has descended on our area and weather forecasters have been talking about this weekend’s winter storm system for several days now but not everyone heeds their warnings, why not?

That depends on who you ask and where you live.

There is a big difference for those people who actually survived the monster storm that tore through Beauregard, Alabama and then touched down near Biggers Road last March in North Columbus and those who were not affected.

Were you aware of the severe weather threat tomorrow? “No, I was not aware,” Penny Jones told First News as she exited a local convenience store. “I guess if you over state it’s what do you call it? You call Wolf enough times and we don’t really pay attention to it after a while even when the wolf is there like it just happened, Michael Hasson said.

“I mean you hear it and you can check it out but at the same time it’s always like eh it could, it couldn’t happen, Logan Giles said. “Plus if you worry about it that’s kind of a waste of time to worry about the weather”, Hasson noted.

Nat sound “Ya’ll Oh my God”

But for those who had a brush with the deadly tornado last March in East Alabama and here near Biggers Road in North Columbus, those people have a very different reaction to severe weather threats telling First News they listen the first time.

“Oh we pay attention out here now to the alarms. When we had the tornado come through my husband does not pay attention to the alarms so when I holler at him to get in the bathroom he did and it hit about two seconds after he walked in there. So we’ll pay attention to the alarms out here I think from now on, ” Kathy Gunnels said.

“I’ll have to say that I probably wasn’t as serious as I should have been. I was a little bit complacent because it just never had hit our house. This time it came really , really close and so yes I do have a different perspective and time means everything. I jokingly said one time that I just look out the window and watch the weather and if I saw one coming, I would get in the closet. You don’t have that much time,” Smiths Station resident Gary Long said.

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