Love Triangle Sparks Phenix City Shootout

Tyrese Nelson Died After Allegedly "Ambushing" Couple

A love triangle reportedly sparked a deadly shooting on the Phenix City Riverwalk Monday.

According to a source familiar with the case, the gunfire erupted on 1st Avenue and 19th Street where a female and her male companion were parked. It was just after eight o’clock at night and 20 year old  Tyrese Nelson, described as a boyfriend followed the pair to the Phenix City river front.   Nelson, from Columbus allegedly opened fire in a jealous rage shooting inside the woman’s vehicle multiple times. 

 The male passenger drew his own weapon and fired back shooting Nelson multiple times before he was transported to Piedmont regional where he was declared dead on arrival.

The couple drove the bullet riddled car down Summerville road near the busy intersection of Riverchase Drive. It was one of three scene’s police responded to involving the deadly confrontation.

The family of Tyrese Nelson said it was the 20 year old Columbus man who was acting in self defense and that he would quote ” give the clothes off his body to anybody in need”.

The murder marks the second deadly confrontation involving a young couple parking in East Alabama in less than a week. A property owner was shot dead in Hurtsboro December 30th after encountering a young couple trespassing on his property.


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