Couple Parking Led To Hurtsboro Murder

Sheriff Taylor: Younger Generation Has No Value On Life

A couple parking prompted a deadly confrontation in Hurtsboro. Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor initially said he thought a Hurtsboro murder case was personal, indeed it was.  Deontra Jones was allegedly engaged in some post game parking activity in broad daylight on Shady Grove Lane December 30th when the 63 year old victim who lived nearby approached on foot with his dog.

“He was questioning them about being there and trespassing and that type of situation and Mr Jones got out and started shooting at him and he ran and and he chased him down the road and he ultimately shot him multiple times killing him,” Sheriff Heath Taylor told reporters gathered at a press conference.

Randy Cannon was pronounced dead on the scene from gunshot wounds to the head and body over what the Sheriff described as a simple trespassing issue. “It appears that the younger generation just has no value on life and this case kinda leads to that you know. You get into an argument with you know somebody over a simple trespass issue and the next thing you know somebody’s killing somebody over it,” Sheriff Taylor said.

Prosecutors told a Russell County Judge the suspect was armed with an assault rifle at the time of his arrest and their star witness in the case feared for their life if Jones was free on bond and that the twenty year old was considered a flight risk.  Judge Gray agreed and declined to set bond but Jones is scheduled to be back in court next month when another motion for bail is likely.


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