NEW 2019 Aflac WorkForces Report Reveals that Workers want Simpler Language and More Options

Healthcare benefits choices are among the most important decisions anyone makes. It’s surprising just how many people really take the time to understand their plans until they are sick or facing critical issues. Now, a new study is out providing data that is both concerning and revealing.

Tiffany Aliche – best-selling author known as THE BUDGETNISTA and a renowned financial educator shared important highlights from the study and discuss the impact healthcare decisions made during the open enrollment period can have on a family’s financial health.

Aliche is teaming with Aflac to share a study that analyzed the trends, attitudes and use of employee benefits among the U.S. workforce. The 2019 Aflac WorkForces Report shows that American workers may feel confident about benefits choices, yet stressed about the process and open to assistance in the form of more time, money, information and advice.

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