Local Man With Alzheimer’s Hand-Making Wooden Toys for Children Around the World

We’ve had him on the show before and now he is back.
Charles “Bum” Clegg is an Alzheimer’s patient at the Columbus Memory Center.
He and his wife Carol are a very faithful couple and they left his diagnosis up to God.
He had a calling to start picking up blocks of wood from his church and turning them into beautiful, hand made toys.
Now, he’s providing joy to children all over the region, country and world.

The Cleggs have named their project For the Little Ones.

Inspired by this effort, Columbus Memory Center has made a financial contribution to the furtherance of this great effort.

“Mr. Clegg is making trains, and he has inspired us to hop-on”, added Dr. Liss. “We hope our contribution will allow many more children to have a quality wooden toy with which to play.”

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