Fatal Crash Didn’t Curb Teen’s Reckless Conduct

Johnston Taylor's Bond Revoked For Deadly Crash Involving Rod Bramblett

Johnston Taylor appeared in court after a petition was filed by Prosecutor Brandon Hughes detailing the teen’s stunning behavior since the fatal crash that killed Rod Bramblett, the beloved Voice of the Auburn Tigers and his wife Paula.  

Taylor was stopped by police twice in late November, the morning of the 24th for speeding and again the following morning for speeding and reckless driving which included spinning his tires and driving into oncoming traffic. The same behavior the District Attorney said that led to the deadly crash involving the Bramblett’s.

Police believe Taylor was smoking pot and speeding 90 miles an hour when he plowed into Rod Bramblett May 25th. “Like anybody else in his position, he received a bond which he was allowed to be out on the least restrictive means possible. Just like anybody else if they violate their bond, if they go out an engage in dangerous behavior, put the public in danger which is a consideration of bond they put themselves at risk of no longer being able to be out on bond,” Brandon Hughes told First News.

Taylor’s criminal defense attorney said he was personally embarrassed by his client’s behavior and couldn’t elaborate on the teen’s medical condition but worked out a deal so that Johnston Taylor could check into a rehab facility while in custody. It was not revealed if the family attempted to address the alleged medical problem immediately following the fatal Bramblett crash.

“I want the streets to be safe. I don’t want somebody out there driving 70 mph in the city of Auburn with my family and everybody else’s family out riding around. That’s a huge concern. As of right now we’ve addressed that,” Hughes said.

Judge Russell Bush told Johnston Taylor he was shocked somebody in the teen’s position would continue to carry on in such a manner and that it was clear he didn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation before agreeing to let the teen check into rehab.

Taylor could be transferred to a facility as early as Monday.  If he tries to leave that facility at any time he will be charged with felony escape.


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