De-Stress This Holiday Season With These Make Your Own Beauty Masks

We all know that  this time of year can be stressful- the money, the shopping, the never ending gift list – it just goes on and on.  Taking care of yourself and carving out a little “me time” during this busy  holiday season is advice frequently heard by many in the wellness community. But it doesn’t have to require a trip to the spa! The solution is likely right there in your fridge!

 Justin Krasner showed us how to  MAKE YOUR OWN BEATUY MASKS with 38 Simple, all natural recipes for healthy skin. Learn how to create beauty from within with home beauty masks prepared with ingredients right from your fridge or panty. All you need is a blender or a bowl and 20 minutes to rejuvenation. This book has simple and fun recipes that feature wholesome ingredients. Whether you are dry-skinned, oily, or just want refreshing “me-time,” find a recipe that best suits your needs. Mix the ingredients together in a blender or a bowl and apply the mask for ten to twenty minutes. You’ll finish with gorgeous, fresh skin!

Justin discussed how to arrange a stay at home night for just you and your guy (yes guys can benefit from facial masks too!), or a sleepover party for teens. He showcased simple to make masks like:

  • Holiday Season Greeting-using the blender
  • Egg on Your Face- using the blender
  • Beautiful Inside and Out- mixed in a bowl
  • You Are Too Sweet- mixed in a bottle.

Justin also shared tips on self-care to helps you cope during the busy holiday season.